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Don't Weep For Me

You stand by my grave side,
tears of sorrow spilling down.
Don't weep for the loss of me,
for I am not around.

I'm the whisper of the wind,
as I blow a gentle breeze.
I'm the song of the blue bird,
singing high up in the trees.

I'm the sparkle in the dew,
from the early morning's light.
I'm the warmth in the sunshine,
with my rays, so bold and bright.

I'm the laughter of little children,
playing on the merry-go round.
Weep not, at my grave side,
for I am not around.

I'm the waves out on the ocean,
as I flirt and tease the shore.
I'm the wind beneath the wings,
of heaven's angels as they soar.

As you stand by my grave side,
wipe your tears and breathe a prayer.
Though you mourn for my memory,
I'm not here, I'm everywhere.

Written by: Dee (Diana)
Copyright: April 29, 2004

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