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My Elusive Dream

'Tho distant, I watch you, my heart starts to pound
Passion laced visions dance free in my head
Emotions free flowing, they're fierce and profound
From the depths of my core, like wildfire they spread

To beckon come closer is temptation's ploy
Enticing my body to yearn for your touch
The persuasion of weakness will be its decoy
With inhibitions unfounded in desire's clutch

Imagination steps forth as I close my eyes
Your gentle embrace is my hunger's cure
Your lips pressed to mine is reality's guise
To concede to this fantasy is seduction's lure

My body now fevered, it begs for much more
It pleads with my thoughts to climb higher still
Unshackled through daydreams, I choose to explore
To know you completely is my dream fulfilled

If just for one night, would you please hold me close?
Would you reach out and touch me and know that I'm real?
Could you see through my eyes straight into my soul?
Would you know what I long for, if my heart, I'd reveal?

My saddened heart knows that you'll never be mine
No matter how real my fantasies might seem
You belong to another, our fate is defined
But at night you're with elusive dream

Written by: Dee (Diana)
Copyright: December 7
, 2002
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