Hear me as I whisper,
‘tho I whisper soft and low.
There's something I must tell you,
there's something you must know.

I know that life is fleeting,
I know that this is true.
I left this world so quickly,
with no goodbye to you.

I know how much you miss me,
your tears fall ever light.
The pillow where you lay your head
is wet most every night.

But trust me when I tell you this,
I'm happy here with God.
To those that do not know the Lord,
to them, this may seem odd.

But forever I’ll be smiling,
with those I walk among.
I’ll be forever happy
and I’ll be forever young.

There are no words to tell you
of the beauty heaven bears,
as angels took me by the hand
and I walked heaven's stairs.

I know my wings came early,
for you, this was not planned.
But God who is all knowing
will help you understand.

Please know I’m with you always
I live inside your heart,
and when once more we meet again
it’s then we’ll never part.

For now I’m very busy ‘tho
there’s work still yet to do.
I’m busy with our Savior,
as we make a place for you.

So wipe your tears and smile for me,
it’s only for awhile,
then I'll meet you here at heaven's gate
when you walk your last mile.

In loving memory of Matthew Cole Fox
You are forever missed!

Written by: Dee (Diana)
© December 20, 2005

Forever Young---Music provided by: Midi Kingdom

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