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This page was created to allow other poetry lovers to share their creations on my site. Whether you're well known to the art of poetry writing and just want to try your hand at rhyme, please, feel free to submit your poem here and share your thoughts with others.

After posting your poem, you also have the option to e-mail your creation through my site, to your friends and family.



Sub-pages are individual poet's pages maintained by Dee's Poetic Expressions. The following rules & conditions apply:

  • If submitted poetry exceeds 10 poems for a poet we create a page like this for that particular poet. Sub-pages are free      as long as no more than 15 poems are on the page.
  • If free service is desired and submission continues the most recent 15 poems will remain on the sub-page.
  • The 15 poem maximum can be exceeded if the poet donates US $5.00 per month with minimum 6 months donation.
  • Payment for page allows unlimited number of the poet's poems on his or her page during the 6 month paid period.
  • Links to sub-pages will be on Dee's Poetic Expressions submitted poetry page (this page).
  • No more than 3 poems submitted per week a sub-page.
  • Payment can be processed through "Make a Donation" link on Dee's Poetic Expressions home page.
  • **All poems on this page are the properties of the respective authors and may not be reproduced.
    **Poems are in order by submittance with most recent one at the top.


    Submitted Poetry
      love poems
    If Time Were Mine  -Chris R.
    A Rose Upon My Wall  -B. M.
    How Do You Know?  -Ryan M.
    Memory  -C.C.
    Pedestal  -B.M.
    Feelings  -B.M.
    I Wrote My Name  -Reena D.P.
    Love  -Fina
    Whoever Said  -Michael
    Togetherness Till Death Do Us Part                                         -Tri Tran
    One Love  -Josh B.
    You  -Unknown

    Comparison  -Josh
    Longing  -Neal
    The Boy In the Corner-                 Emmanuel R.
    The Day You Entered My Life                   -Tri Tran
    The Meaning of My Sighs                       -Emmanuel R.
    A Special Thank-You  -Danie M.
    Strong Love  -Term
    Frozen Dream  -Izumi
    Touching You  -Kenneth
    Goodbye For Now  -Rachel
    Bliss  -R. F.
    Changes With The Tide -Frankie
    A Kiss From A Rose  -Angela M.
    Lost Inside You  -Maurice W.
    Why I Think You're So Wonderful  -Kimberly G.
    Troubles In Sacks  -Patrick T.
    Did You Ever  -Renee'
    Time  -Darryl B.
    For Linda  -Darryl
    My Love  -Jadie
    The One  -Sireen
    Love  -Hannah H.
    Rain Cloud -Darryl B.
    I Will Always Remember  -Melissa
    Night Time  -Felicia
    Freedom  -Madame Blue
    Changing Skies  -Teddy
    Let's Make A Deal  -Rebecca C.
    Love Is Never There  -Alena P.
    Feelings Of Love  -Liz D.
    Make My Day  -Catherine
    I Love You (for Charles Ray)  -Liz
    My Dream Girl -Trit Ran
    Worthwhile Tears -Emmy
    Close To Me -Emmy
    For Evy, the Woman I Love -Dennis
    If Tomorrow Never Comes -Londa M.
    Paved With Good Intentions -Emmy 
    Today Is The Day -Mike Parsons
    Wish -Mehran
    My Love Is Like A Rosebud -Chris H.
    The Gift -Mike Parsons
    Diana -Tim Aldrich
    More Then Friends -Tim Aldrich
    I Feel You -Tim Aldrich
    Keys To My Heart  -Kanani P.
    Love For You  - Deepak
    Just Being You  - Emmy
    It Could Happen To You -Dreamin
    Shadow of Love  - Dreamin
    Love  -  ~Nichelle~
    The Wind Is Calling My Name -                      Emmanuel Ruisniemi
    Crucify My Love  -Emmanuel R.
    What Is Love  - Marie
    A Love Made In Heaven  - Felicia
    More Than Life Itself  - Lesleigh L.
    Until The Seaside Beckons (for Rachel)  - Raynumd Delizo
    You Are My World  - Ken M. H.
    Essence Of A Woman  - Carrolyn                                      Iglesias
    I Give To You  - Nino
    I Am Home  - Kali
        passionate poetry
    A Long Time Ago  - Harman K.
    Tears  - C. C.
    Betrayed  - C. C.
    Love  - Kelsey Greene
    Forgive Me  - Author Unknown
    Lost Cause  - A. M.
    Broken  Inspirational -Michael
    Lost Truth  - Shayma
    Jill  - Aleashia C.
    Passed On  - Luisa
    Alone in the Dark  - Felicia S.
    The Special Friend  - Katrina
    If Only  - Ashleigh M.
    Is It Me?  - Lexy
    Somehow, Someday  - Anonymous
    Dad  - Jessica F.
    London's Bombs  - Chelsie P.
    Brianna Lynn  - Nolan B.
    What We May Have Had  - Renee'
    Internet Love -  Callie S.
    Happy Forever -   Mariann
    Lost Memory -   Prella
    In Memory of a Soldier and a Friend- Angela
    Many Times -   Brittany P.
    Tears - Kelsey
    The Desire To Let Go - Tri N Tran
    Jesabel - Lonely Soul - Jennifer                                   February
    Divine Vengeance - Tri N Tran
    Can Never Love Again - Mike
    Goodbye - ~Lisa~
    Sleepless Nights - ~Dreamin~
    Loneliness - ~Emmy~
    The Real Me - ~Mia~
    Raindrops On A Car Window -                                 Regina Blume

    I Can't Decide - Victoria Curran

    The Tainting Love - Christy Triplett
    The Ghost Of You - Nate (Binga)
    Whispers - Regina Blume
    Hiding Pain - Lesleigh Lavelle                                       Lazenby
    Abundant Freedoms Willing -                                William James
    Single Tear - Darryl Burgess
    The Rain - Meme
    Welcome To My Life -Mike Parsons
    Wed The Storm - Alex Newsom

         romantic writing
    From The Other Point of View - Sindy
    The Forgotten - A Soldier's Wife
    Eternal Journey - Chris R.
    Global Warming - Katherine
    A Boston Night in Autumn - Tri Tran
    Body Language - Eve Hall
    Birthday Fantasy - B.M.
    Happy Birthday  - C.C.
    My Battle  - D.H.A_real
    Autumn Evening in the Wilderness -                                      Tri Tran
    Chasing Tomorrow  - Abigail R.
    God the Artist- Inspirational-Darryl B.
    Feeling the Moon  - Tri Tran
    The Cat and the Moon - Children-Tri Tran
    Little Brother, Little Sister  - Trevor
    Weird Places  - Tri Tran
    Sleeping Calm- Inspirational-F.B. Cox
    Path  - Josh
    Love  - Josh
    Hope  - Amanda L.
    Never Alone - Inspirational-Owen T.
    Alone  - Fallon
    Jesus' Obituary- Inspirational-                                 Unknown
    The Gift- Inspirational-Trina
    Definition -Bruce C.
    Mommy and Daddy-  Inspirational-                                      Unknown
    Pain - Inspirational-Trina
    Prison, I Call Me  - Atlantis R.
    The Strength Within  - Tri Tran
    One Star  - Bruce C.
    Invisible  - Darryl
    Dusk  - Eponine
    Doom  - Jennifer M.F.
    Computers  - Jason K.
    Anger  - Trina
    Baby Sounds  - Brenda S.P.
    Dear God - Inspirational-Trina
    The Feathers -Tri Tran
    Somehow - Inspirational
    Undivided Heart - Inspirational
    The Woman I Am  - Emmy

    Seasonally Call  - Pete St. James
    No Luck This Time  - Tri N Tran
    Last One Standing  - Mark K.
    Just A Thought  - Mike Parsons
    A Friend  - Trina F.
    Ebony Hair  - Tri Tran
    Rusty the Rat  - Peter St. James
    A Fisherman's Day - Pete St. James
    For The Tears That Fall- Inspirational - Pete SJ.
    Remembrance - DJ Jones
    Light Of Love-Inspirational - Mark K.
    Judgment Day - Nate (Binga)
    Sleeping Child - Nate (Binga)
    Our Sacred Place - Ria Cabral
    Romantic Balcony - Nate (Binga)
    A Melancholy Christmas - Pete S.P.
    Is This Really Me?- Author Unknown
    Celebration of True Darkness -Halloween- Pete
    Hells Awakening - Halloween-Pete
    No Rest For The Wicked - Halloween-Demon
    Peaceful Serenity - Mike Parsons
    The Perfect Heart- Author Unknown
    Lifelong Puzzle -Christine Wilkinson
    Heed The Call - Pete St. James
    The Dance - Terminally Ill Girl
    Naked Like The Moon - Nate (Binga)

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